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icon icon Traceback and Title Verification
If I want to verify the authenticity of my property titles, where should I go?

Are you looking for a way to verify the authenticity of your condominium titles or land title? There are a number of places that you can consider looking into for you to be able to verify if your condominium titles or land titles are authentic. The first place that you can consider when verifying for the authenticity of property titles is the Registry of Deeds. Make sure that the office that you are going to is where your property is situated. Another way that you can do verification is by going to the Land Registration Authority. If you want to trace the history of your property, you can go to this office, as they are in charge of issuing various kinds of titles. You may also proceed to the Assessor’s Office. The Assessor’s office can assist you in providing a more detailed description of your property. You may also look into other offices that can provide you with assistance as well, such as the Bases Conversion and Development Authority, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, and the National Housing Authority.

What are the things that I should check before I buy a property?

In buying a property, be a wise purchaser by doing the following:

  • First, verify the authenticity of the condominium Title or land title with the Registry of Deeds. You may do so by securing the Certified True Copy of such title (it is a blue copy on security paper);

  • Second, make sure that the land area and the location indicated on the title are both accurate. You may need the services of a surveyor for this purpose;

  • Third, traceback the ownership history and check if the registered name on the condominium title or land title is the same as that in the tax declarations and other pertinent documents;

  • Consider also checking if all the taxes are paid. This is by checking the electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration or eCAR;

  • Lastly, check if the property you are buying is free from any legal impediments such as mortgages, liens and other encumbrances;

To ensure proper condominium title or land title verification, consult with the a title transfer service provider here at FILEDOCSPHIL. Learn more about the services being offered by FILEDOCSPH. CLICK HERE for a free quote.

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