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Annotation of Title

Annotation of Title

FileDocsPhil offers quality assistance on removing annotations on your property.

What is an Annotation in Land titles?

Annotations can include information about mortgages, claims or liens, restrictions, or pending legal actions.Anannotationpursuant toSection 4, Rule 74 of the Rules of Courtmust be removed by the seller in order to deliver acleancondominium title or land title to the buyer. This annotation usually appears in the seller’s inherited property – be it land or condominium, or those who acquired the real property via extrajudicial settlement of estate or usually known as the transfer due to the death of a relative wherein, you as the titleholder, is the new owner of record as reflected on your condominium title or land title.

Common Annotations on Certificate of Titles

  1. Extrajudicial Settlement
  2. Contract of Lease
  3. Real Estate Mortgages
  4. Easement of Right of Way
  5. Attachments and Orders by the Court
  6. Affidavits
  7. Reconstituted Title
  8. Deed of Restrictions
  9. Special Powers of Attorney

How FileDocsPhil Can Help?

Our team of lawyers and professionals has the expertise and knowledge to help you remove annotations on real properties. We ensure that all legal aspects of the transaction are handled correctly by providing excellent service in reviewing legal documents and ensuring that it is instituted in the Philippines’ real estate laws and regulations. By thorough review of documents will easily identify any discrepancies or issues that may need to be addressed before annotation to avoid any legal complications.


Need further information and assistance inAnnotation of Title? Talk to our team at  FILEDOCSPHIL  to know more about the requirements and process. Call us today at  (+63) 917 149 2337 or send an email to info@filedocsphil.comor simply message us through the live chat for more information.

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