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Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Certificates

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Certificates

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What is Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Certificates

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) certificates, formerly known asNational Statistics Office (NSO)certificates, are important documents that serve as proof of identity, civil status, and other significant details that are primarily used for identification, legal, and administrative purposes.

It is a common prerequisite for various transactions such as employment, education, securing government IDs, visa applications, or any other personal matters.

What are the different types of certificates issued by PSA?

  1. Birth Certificate.This is one of the most vital PSA certificates as it serves as primary proof of identity and age. It is required for various purposes such as applying for a passport, enrolling in school, getting a driver’s license, and many other official transactions.
  2. Marriage Certificate.This certificate validates the union between spouses and is essential for legal purposes such as changing surnames, updating marital status, and processing spousal benefits.
  3. Death Certificate.Issued upon an individual’s passing, this certificate is crucial for settling estates, claiming insurance benefits, and other legal matters related to the deceased.
  4. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR).This certificate attests that an individual has not contracted any marriage in the Philippines. It is often required for marriage applications, legal proceedings, and other situations where proof of single status is necessary.

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