Need to apostille your document? We can do it for you.
Need an eCAR to transfer the shares of your corporation? We can process it for you.
Need to transfer the title of properties? We can manage it for you.

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  • Country of Destination
  • Apostille/Authentication
  • Client / Information
  • Upload and Other Information


Before you can transfer the shares of your corporation, you need an eCAR issued by the BIR. It is a mandatory requirement for the transfer.

The eCAR confirms that all the taxes incurred for the transfer of shares have been paid.

Title Transfer

We, FILEDOCSPHIL, will ensure the on time transfer of the title to the new owner. The the new owner. The preparation and collection of the necessary documents, submission of requirements to the various government agencies, the assessment and payment of necessary fees and taxes, etc. will be done by us in order to transfer your property titles in no time. We will be with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

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