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Title Transfer Assistance

Title Transfer Assistance

FileDocsPhil offers quality assistance on the Title Transfer process.

Here’s What You Need To Know on Transfer Title

A title serves as a legal foundation of land ownership and rights. It is essential for various purposes such as selling the property, applying for loans, or using the property for collaterals. If you are planning to transfer yourreal estate propertyrights or ownership, you also need to transfer the property title to the buyer, whether it is a land orcondominium.Title transferis a legal process of transferring the ownership of the property from one individual or entity to another. This will allow new owners to gain their rights over the property and avoid any legal disputes and challenges in the future.

Common Ways of Transferring Title Ownership in the Philippines

  1. Sale.It involves the exchange of property for a specified amount of money or other valuable consideration. This transaction typically involves a buyer and a seller who negotiate the terms of the sale, including the purchase price, payment terms, and transfer of ownership.The buyer will need to pay the necessarytransfer taxesandfees.
  2. Donation.It is avoluntary transfer of property without the expectation of monetary compensation. Donations can be made for various reasons, such as charitable purposes or as gifts to family members.
  3. Partition.It refers to thedivision of jointly owned property among co-owners. This method is commonly used when multiple individuals hold a shared interest in a property and wish to divide the ownership rights.
  4. Extrajudicial Settlement. It is a process used to settle theestateif a decedentleft no willwithout the need to go tocourt. This process typically involves the heirs coming to an agreement on how thedeceased person’sassets and properties in anylocationwill be distributed among them. All theheirsare entitled to participate however, if any of the heirs are unable or unwilling to participate in theextrajudicial settlement, they may need to formallywaivetheir right to the estate.And if there is only a sole heir, anAffidavit of Self-adjudicationof the whole estate will be filed.

Documents Required When Transferring Title

  1. Original copy of the Certificate of Title (TCT or CCT)

  2. Certificate of Non-Tenancy(for condominium)

  3. Certificate of Management(for condominium)

  4. Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS)*if through sale

  5. Deed of Donation*if through donation

  6. Partition Agreement*if through partition

  7. Tax Declaration

  8. Documentary Stamp Tax (DST)

  9. Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  10. Real Property Tax Clearance

  11. Electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR)

  12. Valid ID’s of the seller and the buyer


How FileDocsPhil Can Help?

Our team of lawyers and professionals has the expertise and knowledge to help you with transferring land titles. We ensure that all legal aspects of the transaction are handled correctly by providing excellent service in reviewing legal documents and ensuring that it is instituted in the Philippines’ real estate laws and regulations. By thorough review of documents will easily identify any discrepancies or issues that may need to be addressed to avoid any legal complications.

Need further information and assistance in the TitleTransfer process? Talk to our team at  FILEDOCSPHIL  to know more about the requirements and process. Call us today at  (+63) 917 149 2337 or send an email to info@filedocsphil.comor simply message us through the live chat for more information.

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