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CAR Processing (Real Property)

CAR Processing (Real Property)

FileDocsPhil can assist you with eCAR processing and save you time by delivering it to you.

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What is an Electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR)?

TheElectronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR)is an attestation by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner (or his duly authorized representative) which confirms that the taxes incurred with theproperty valuein the transfer of real and personal properties have already been paid. Basically, it is a tax clearance document issued by the BIR. An Electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration or eCAR is a mandatory requirement, for without an eCAR, the title or ownership to suchreal property, such as a building, improvement or lot or land or condominium, or personal properties, cannot be transferred to the new owner.

BIR has developed the eCAR System which creates the electronically generated Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR). The said system has barcode verification in order to prevent errors incurred in manually preparing the CAR and to eliminate the risk of having spurious CAR documents.

On April 8, 2019, the BIR issued the Revenue Regulations (RR) No. 3-2019 which directs that only eCARs issued by the BIR (from the eCAR system) are accepted by the Provincial, City and Municipal Assessor’s Offices of all LGUs, banks, and other issuers of Stock Certificates, Bonds, and other similar Paper Securities.

Why do you need anElectronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR)?

AneCARis a very important requirement. Previously, the Certificate Authorizing Registration or CAR has been done manually. With the current shift of physical issuances to a more systematic electronic platform, the eCAR lessens the risks that one might encounter with a manually prepared CAR. You will need to have an eCAR, as this is needed for registration and transfer of real properties. 

How Filedocsphil Can Help?

It is possible to process the eCAR application on your own. However, you must allot time and effort and expect multiple trips to the BIR just to complete your eCAR application. Indeed, you have to plan ahead and budget your time accordingly because there are times when the documents could be unavailable, etc. Skip the long, tedious process by having your eCAR application processed by FILEDOCSPHIL.

Need further information and assistance in obtainingElectronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR)Talk to our team at  FILEDOCSPHIL  to know more about the requirements and process. Call us today at  (+63) 917 149 2337 or send an email to info@filedocsphil.comor simply message us through the live chat for more information.

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