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BlogSeptember 26, 2022

An NBI or National Bureau of Investigation Certificate is a government clearance document released upon request. This clearance serves as proof whether or not an individual is involved with any past or ongoing criminal cases. Also, an NBI clearance can serve as an alternative identity card.  An NBI certificate is usually a requirement for employment, […]

TitleSeptember 21, 2022

This kind of settlement does not require any court intervention, hence does not need to undergo such judicial proceedings. Applicability of Extrajudicial Settlement Pursuant to Section 1 Rule 74 of the Rules of Court of the Philippines, there are three (3) main requisites involved to undergo extrajudicial settlement of estate: The deceased or decedent was […]

TitleSeptember 15, 2022

One of the three (3) bases for tax computations used by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is the Zonal Valuation, along with the Assessed Value by the assessor’s office of the municipality where the property is located and its actual selling price. Determining the Zonal Value of the property is significantly important to both […]

TitleSeptember 05, 2022

The general rule is that the estate of the decedent should be judicially administered through an administrator or executor.  There are exceptions to this rule where the law allows heirs to resort to the following: Extrajudicial settlement of estate  where the decedent died intestate and left no debts (Sec. 1, Rule 74 of the Revised […]

eCarSeptember 05, 2022

In a corporation, the shares of stocks are considered as personal property and the owner thereof has an inherent right as an incident of his ownership, to transfer the same at will. The property relation of husband and wife is governed by Article 75 of the Family Code. It provides that spouses are given the […]


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Giovanna V. Wall

We received our Apostilled marrtiage certificate. Thank you so much Hershey. We truly appreciate all of you for the great job you did in helping us with this process especially at this time during the COVID pandemic and from abroad

We gladly would recommend your services to our friends in US looking for such service. We also will let our friends back in the Philippines/Visaya know of your great service.

Mike & Alice
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