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TitleAugust 17, 2023

What is a Certificate of Non-Tenancy?  This is a certificate issued by the property management office that administers the condominium. This certificate states whether the property has been leased out to another or not.  If you had your property leased out, you will not be able to procure a certificate of non-tenancy. For those locations […]

ApostilleAugust 17, 2023

Obtaining proper document authentication is an important step in many legal and administrative processes, especially when dealing with international matters. It ensures that documents issued in one country are recognized and accepted as valid by another. One such vital authentication process commonly used in the Philippines is the Apostille.  The Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA […]

TitleJuly 28, 2023

Every unit owner of a condominium has the obligation to pay for the monthly dues imposed upon by the association of the condominium building. These fees are collected for the continuous improvements and maintenance of the facilities and amenities enjoyed by all the tenants of the condominium building. However, there are times where some unit […]

ApostilleJuly 28, 2023

There are a number of reasons why one would need to have his or her documents apostilled. It could be for a sale or transfer of property, for applications abroad, and other such transactions that require documents that can be obtained in the Philippines to undergo the process of apostille.  However, not all documents that […]

ApostilleJuly 28, 2023

For Filipinos who are residing abroad, there are requirements or documents that they may need to submit, records of which are still found in the Philippines. To be able to use these documents abroad, they must first have it apostilled.  Why is Apostille important? On May 14 2019, the Philippines became a party to the […]


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Giovanna V. Wall

We received our Apostilled marrtiage certificate. Thank you so much Hershey. We truly appreciate all of you for the great job you did in helping us with this process especially at this time during the COVID pandemic and from abroad

We gladly would recommend your services to our friends in US looking for such service. We also will let our friends back in the Philippines/Visaya know of your great service.

Mike & Alice
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