NBI Apostille in the Philippines 101

NBI Apostille in the Philippines 101

Obtaining proper document authentication is an important step in many legal and administrative processes, especially when dealing with international matters. It ensures that documents issued in one country are recognized and accepted as valid by another. One such vital authentication process commonly used in the Philippines is the Apostille

The Department of Foreign Affairs or DFA apostilles of authenticates public documents produced in the Philippines thereby allowing these same documents to be validly used abroad. 

As such when one requires an NBI clearance, a document issued in the Philippines, to be used abroad, this same document will have to be Apostilled by the DFA. 

What is NBI Apostille?

NBI stands for National Bureau of Investigation, which is a government agency in the Philippines responsible for conducting background checks. The NBI Apostille, on the other hand, is a process that validates and verifies documents issued by the NBI for use in foreign countries.

The NBI Apostille is essential for individuals who need to present their NBI clearance or criminal record check in another country. This document serves as proof that the information provided by the applicant has been verified and authenticated by the Philippine government. It ensures that your background check results are recognized and accepted internationally.

Why do I need the NBI Apostille?

Many countries require individuals who wish to work or study within their borders to provide a criminal background check as part of their visa application process.

How to Obtain an NBI Apostille

To obtain an NBI Apostille, you need to follow a simple yet precise process.

First and foremost, you must secure an original copy of your NBI clearance from the NBI main office or any accredited branch. Make sure that the clearance bears all the necessary details, including your name, recent photo, and personal information. 

Once you have obtained the clear copy, bring it to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Authentication Division for verification and authentication. It is essential to double-check if you have all the required supporting documents such as valid identification cards and proof of payment before heading to DFA.

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