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icon icon Condominium Certificate of Title (CCT) or Land Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) Transfer (Residential and Commercial)
What is a Certificate of Title?

A Certificate of Title is the main evidence of ownership. It is thus important that a Certificate of Title should be issued to the new owner after a transfer of a particular real property or real estate, either by means of a sale, inheritance, or donation. This can be a condominium certificate of title (CCT) for condominium titles in the Philippines, or an Original Certificate of title or Transfer Certificate of Title, if land.

Without the condominium title or land title, the owner has no incontestable proof of ownership. This will subject the new owner to exposures such as double sale or annotation of lien on the condominium title without the consent of the new owner.

What is the procedure in title transfer?

The general process of title transfer registration requires, among others, the presentation of the previous owner’s duplicate title, payment of fees and taxes (such as the Capital Gains Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax, and real estate tax), processing of electronic Certificate Authorizing Registration (eCAR), and cancellation and issuance of a new title bearing the new owner’s name.

How long is the process for a title transfer?

Title transfer, when done alone, can be a very tedious and long process. The entire process might take around five months, or longer, as this will highly depend on the availability of your documents and other circumstances. You have to allot time and money in the preparation and processing of the necessary requirements from various agencies, the payment of various fees and taxes in different offices, and the submission of the complete documents with the Register of Deeds.

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