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Why should I upgrade to an e-Title?

Why should I upgrade to an e-Title?

With our government and their corresponding systems adapting to modern times, a new digitalized program is now available with regards to one’s land titles. The Land Registration Authority currently gives title owners the option to upgrade their physical titles to e-Titles. This raises the question on why you should upgrade your physical land title to an e-Title. Is it enough to just retain the physical copies of your land titles with you? Through the Land Registration Authority’s Computerized System, having an e-Title can give you quite a number of benefits, such as avoiding the risk of losing, tampering, or destroying of the hardcopies of the original titles. Moreover, it will safeguard the title owners from fake land titles or titles tampered with spurious information.

How do I get my e-Title?
An e-Title can only be issued through the process of the Land Registration Authority’s (LRA) Voluntary Title Standardization Program. In order for you to get your e-Title, you need to file a verified Petition for Voluntary Standardization of Certificate of Title.

What are the requirements on filing a Petition for Voluntary Standardization of Title?
LRA Circular No. 27-2011 provides the requirements for the said petition:

  • Verified Petition for Voluntary Standardization of Certificate of Title, which may cover several Certificates of Title, as long as it is in the name of the registered owners/co-owners within the same jurisdiction;
  • Copy of a valid government-issued ID;
  • Duly notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) if the registered owner is represented by his agent;
  • For juridical entities, a duly notarized Secretary’s Certificate or Board Resolution authorizing a representative to file the petition;
  • Owner’s Duplicate of the Certificate of Title, and all Co-owner’s Duplicate of the Certificate of Title.

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